Help Us Keep the Music Going

The Penny Tullock Fund

Principal Accompanist 1989 – present

This year the Penny Tullock Fund has been established in honor of Principal Accompanist Penny Tullock’s 30th anniversary season with the Chattanooga Girls Choir. A fixture of musicianship, leadership, work ethic, and mentoring during hundreds upon hundreds of rehearsals, performances, and tours, Ms. Tullock has been a role model and friend to generations of girls now become women. A donation to this special fund will go directly to support the salaries of the artistic personnel of the group – the accompanists and directors that are the backbone of the organization.

“One of the perks of being involved with the Chattanooga Girls Choir for thirty years is watching the girls mature as musicians and use what they’ve  learned and experienced in the choir in their adult lives as singers in community, church, and professional choirs.  Many have gone on to have professional careers in music and others have developed a lifelong love and support for singing and the arts in general. I’m extremely proud to have had a small part in enhancing so many lives through music.”

The Edelweiss Campaign

This is the general fund of the Chattanooga Girls Choir named after the flower and song that is historically the symbol of the group. It can be a one-time gift, or it can help the choir every month by being a scheduled a recurring payment automatically drawn from your account each month. This helps keep operations running smoothly from month to month throughout each season and through the annual tour.

About Your Donations

A tax-deductible donation to the Chattanooga Girls Choir helps the organization to continue its mission and change girls’ lives forever through music education. Either a one-time or a recurring gift can reap great dividends for the organization and the girls it serves.

Corporate giving is invaluable to the success of the CGC. Any business can choose to sponsor a specific concert or event or just to support general operations. If you are part of a business that might be interested in being an important part of the youth community of greater Chattanooga, please contact us with your idea or the contact name and info of a representative of your company for us to contact directly. No stone will be left unturned!

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