Rehearsals and Tuition

Rehearsal Times

 Rehearsals are each Monday afternoon/evening between August and May. The Cantilena Choir (grades 2-5) meet from 5:15-6:15pm , Concert Choir (grades 6-12) meet from 5pm-6pm, and Grace Moore Singers (grades 9-12) stay until 7pm.

The Concert Choir (6th – 12th grades) also meets one Saturday morning a month.

CGC follows Hamilton County School schedule for Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks.

Performance Dates

Each choir has multiple information community performances as well as our two formal concerts held in December and May each year.

Joint Performances

“Concert Choir” comprises all singers from both Jubilate and the Grace Moore Singers and they perform at formal concerts  and informal local events,  as well as on the annual Tour.

There are at least one or two pieces in every Fall or Spring concert that includes all of the choirs singing together. And always “Edelweiss” – the signature tune of the CGC – is sung by all the choirs, as well as any alumnae present in the audience, at the end of every concert.

Cost to Join

Each of the choirs has an annual tuition for membership. Tuition is $500 per year with discounts for early registration, early payoff, siblings and referals.

Scholarship Information

The Girls Choir has never turned away an applicant because of an inability to pay and regularly seeks outside scholarship funding to assist those in need. If your family needs tuition assistance please follow the application process and turn in the scholarship application at your audition. Download the Scholarship Application Form here.

Benefits of Joining the Choir

With your membership you receive:

  1. Weekly musical instruction during the season
  2. Multiple performance opportunities.
  3. CGC t-shirt or polo
  4. Formal performance wardrobe rental (3rd-12th grade)

Choir Tuition

All Choirs

$250 / Half Season
  • 4th – 12th Grade

Alumna 1993 – 1994

Children’s book author and illustrator/Independent investor

I had trained seriously for years as a dancer and only came into the choir as a senior, so I was a little apprehensive about being accepted – and measuring up to – by the veteran girls. But everyone was so nice! There were fantastic altos around me at the time and it increased my musicianship exponentially right away. It was fun to be part of that wonderful sound!

Daniella Bozzone Pickrell

Alumna 1991 – 1994

Board-certified family physician/Certified lifestyle management diplomate/ yoga instructor 

I loved the way tour was such a uniting experience. Being away from home together for a long time created a real bond with the other girls. We got to sing in all of these different, amazing acoustical environments , and it was interesting to see how space could help define the sound the group made.

Suzannah Bozzone Dawnay