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The Chattanooga Girls Choir loves to welcome new members to our community!

Registration is open now for both Summer Camp and next season, and once you have signed up, the office will contact you with audition and season information. 

come back in April 2024 to register for fall 2024!
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“When you spend so much time singing with the same group of people, you become more than just a choir; you become a family. The Chattanooga Girls Choir is a sisterhood of women and girls brought together by a shared passion for music. The women I sang with so many years ago remain cherished friends, and I treasure every alumnae reunion. No matter how much time has passed, when we reunite to sing we become that same tightly knit group that we once were, bound together in song.”

– Marianna Allen
Founding Member 1987-1997
Board member 2007-2014
Singer, Actor, Copywriter

Frequently Asked Questions

“The audition was pretty easy and simple.”

Karladalay Navarro Rueda

“It was nothing to be nervous about. Mr. Golden was patient; it was easy to understand what he wanted.”

Ella Wileman