Making Music since 1987

The Chattanooga Girls Choir helps girls become extraordinary young women through choral music education and artistic performance experiences. This exceptional musical education is for girls throughout the greater Chattanooga area in the second through twelfth grades.

The CGC is committed to retaining a diverse population that embraces all perspectives, identities, and experiences. We seek to provide an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming learning environment for all young women who wish to learn and experience choral singing.


Chorister 2018 – present

My experience here in the choir has always been good and fun. I have learned so many amazing songs like Let the River Run and Forget About the Boy. I also have learned some beautiful songs in different languages like Russian and Latin. It’s fun to branch out and find these variety of songs to sing because sticking to one section of songs is never great and you don’t get to learn what’s out there. This is what CGC or the Chattanooga Girls Choir has taught me.

Karladalay Navarro Rueda

Alumna  2012 – 2017

College Student

I am so thankful for my time in the choir as it was an outlet to express my passion for music as well as a place to learn and grow as a singer. During rehearsals, concerts, and tours, I made many delightful memories and dear friends that changed my life for the better! 

Mary Katherine Owen

Head of the Dept. of Vocal Music, Chattanooga High School Center  for the Creative Arts

The students I receive at the Center for Creative Arts are musically advanced and serve as leaders in my ensembles. When new students audition for me I can tell girls choir members by their poise and level of preparation.

Neshawn Calloway

Founding Member  1987-1984

Opera Singer

Being a part of the Chattanooga Girls Choir was truly the foundation of a professional operatic career.  I know without that base and John Dyer’s leadership, I never would have had the success and opportunities that I was afforded.

Holli Harrison