Annual CGC Tour

Plans are being made now for a domestic tour in Spring 2023!

In 1990, one of the great traditions of the CGC began – the annual tour! Every year 30-60 girls travel to sing in some of the most historic and memorable places in the world.  Alternating years between domestic and foreign travel, these musical trips full of performances, sightseeing, and camaraderie form some of the girls’ most vivid memories of being part of the choir. 

Singers 6th grade and up may apply to be in the touring choir each year.   

*In 2020, we were scheduled to  tour northern Italy, including the cities of Venice, Milan, and Verona, but had to cancel due to the COVID 19 pandemic. 

Past Tour Destinations

2023: Nashville TN

2019: Charleston SC
2018: Ireland
2017: New York City
2016: England and France
2015: Washington, DC
2014: New York City
2013: Hawaii
2012: Cincinnati, OH
2011: Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria
2010: Orlando, FL
2009: Spain
2008: Charleston, WV
2007: Ireland
2006: San Francisco, CA
2005: Italy
2004: Chicago and Milwaukee
2003: Austria
2001: Niagara Falls and Canada
2000: Los Angeles, CA
1999: England and France
1998: New York City
1997: Czech Republic and Hungary
1996: Chicago, IL
1995: Italy
1994: Princeton, NJ
1993: England and Wales
1992: Washington, DC
1991: Austria
1990: Walt Disney World, Orlando

Here’s What Our Alumnae Say About Touring with the CGC!

Alumna 2012-2015
Graduate Student

CGC Tour was so much fun!  I always felt so much closer to everyone in the choir afterwards.  We have such fun memories and bonding experiences we will never get to have anywhere else.  My experience of going to New York City with the choir also fulfilled one of my dreams of soloing at Carnegie Hall! 

Isabella Vanderhoof

Alumna 1991 – 1997
CGC Board member 2016 – present

“Touring with the Chattanooga Girls Choir was a transformative experience for me as a young woman. Being able to connect through music with people who did not speak my language taught me that people can find common ground – and that music can be that common ground. Moreover, touring internationally gave me the self-confidence to not be fearful of the unfamiliar and to take chances on new experiences even if it means getting a little lost.”

Anna-Marie Wamack Davenport
Aluma 1996 – 2005
Owner, Sicily South (
“My experience touring with the Girls’ Choir not only ignited my passion for travel, but also instilled within me a strong sense of self that has helped me find my place in the world. The privilege of performing with the Choir in venues all over the world taught me poise and confidence that I carry with me today.”
Sarah Cate Patten Scaduto (with husband Benedetto and baby Enzo)