Help Us Keep the Music Going

Thank You for Your Thoughtful Donation!

We appreciate your willingness to help keep the music going with the Chattanooga Girls Choir! Be sure to mark your calendar with This Season’s concert schedule.

If you’re interested in helping support any of our other funds, please see below.

Our Donation Funds

The Penny Tullock Fund

Principal Accompanist 1989 – present

“One of the perks of being involved with the Chattanooga Girls Choir for thirty years is watching the girls mature as musicians and use what they’ve  learned and experienced in the choir in their adult lives as singers in community, church, and professional choirs.  Many have gone on to have professional careers in music and others have developed a lifelong love and support for singing and the arts in general. I’m extremely proud to have had a small part in enhancing so many lives through music.”

The Edelweiss Campaign

This is the general fund of the Chattanooga Girls Choir named after the flower and song that is historically the symbol of the group. It can be a one-time gift, or it can help the choir every month by being a scheduled a recurring payment automatically drawn from your account each month. This help keep operations running smoothly from month to month throughout each season and through the annual tour.

The John Dyer Society

Named to honor of the Girls Choir Founder, long-time Director, and paterfamilias…